Friday, February 23, 2018

Flights resume out of New York

Airline flights resumed at the JFK International Airport in New York, USA yesterday, bringing with it a ray of hope for hundreds of Trini New Yorkers who want to make it home in time to parade the streets on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Last Friday, more than 1,000 flights at JFK International Airport were cancelled after a snowstorm settled over the Big Apple, bringing with it more than two feet of snow in some parts of the US state and leaving more than 650,000 homes and businesses without power.

Stranded at the airport and unsure about when the storm would allow for flights to resume to Trinidad and Tobago, many of the passengers bound for this country— having spent thousands of dollars on costumes— were fearful that Carnival would have to go on without them.

In a statement yesterday Corporate Communications Head at Caribbean Airlines Clint Williams said that the all clear had been given from authorities at JFK International Airport to resume flights in and out of New York.

The airline reinstated at least ten flights in and out of New yesterday.

Passengers can visit CAL's website at, Caribbean Airlines and Air Jamaica Facebook pages or call the following telephone numbers for flight-specific information:

Trinidad: 1 868 625 7200

Jamaica: 1 888 359 2475

Caribbean toll free: 1 800 744 2225

Caribbean Airlines North America toll free: 1 800 920 4225

Air Jamaica North America toll free: 1 800 523 5585