Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Follow Jesus’ example, worshippers urged


TOBAGO CELEBRATIONS: Catholics brave the rain during Good Friday celebrations in Tobago for the annual Stations of the Cross, in Scarborough. Celebrations started at Bacolet Point, and ended at the St Joseph RC Church in Scarborough. –Photo: ELIZABETH WILLIAMS

Mark Fraser

Fr Steve Duncan yesterday made a call for people to renew their minds and emulate Christ,  as 2014 progresses. 

Fr Duncan spoke with the Express as members of the Catholic faith in Tobago participated in the annual Good Friday Stations of the Cross. 

The heavy rains did not put a damper on the annual Good Friday event, as Catholics  came equipped with their umbrellas in hand for the pouring rain. 

Fr Duncan called on the congregation  to emulate the values of Christ.  

“I think Good Friday offers a time of spiritual renewal, in terms of the values that people hold to and strive to live their lives by,” he said. 

In light of the instability facing the country politically with ministerial firings and resignations, he offered the following  advice to the leaders of the land.  

“As a Christian, I would say leadership is always patterned after Christ. So that whether you are politician, or teacher, or religious leader or media worker, whosoever you are. As long as you are a Christian, your behaviour is to be patterned after Jesus.” 

He then said, “My emphasis is on asking persons to live lives that are value-based.” 

Celebrations started at Bacolet Point and concluded at the St Joseph RC Church.