Sunday, January 21, 2018

Footballer Jabari Rougier’s funeral at La Brea today

A 22-YEAR-old La Brea footballer died on Sunday after he collided with another player the day before on the field. 

Jabari Rougier, of Sobo Village, succumbed to head injuries as a result of the collision, police said. 

According to a police report, on Saturday afternoon Rougier was playing football for his team Savannah Boys at the Sobo Village Recreation Ground, located opposite to his home. 

Police were told that around 5 p.m. he collided with the goalkeeper and the two men fell to the ground. 

After ten minutes, Rougier stood up and walked a few steps and again fell to the ground unconscious, police said. He was taken for treatment at the Point Fortin Area Hospital, and later for further treatment at the San Fernando General Hospital. 

The funeral takes place today at 2 p.m. at the Cobo Recreation Ground, Sobo Village, La Brea. 

Police said Rougier was not married and had no children. He was employed at PriceSmart in La Romaine.