Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Former journalist Clyde 'Jimmy' Maynard found dead at home

FORMER journalist Clyde "Jimmy" Maynard was found dead at his home in Morvant on Wednesday night and according to police he had been dead for several days.

Maynard worked at 610 Radio from the early 60s into the mid 70s as a news and sport editor and presenter on the station news series, "Hotline" and "Newsmakers". Veteran journalist Anthony Harford in an e-mail described him as a "a cultural afficionado" who researched and co-hosted Carnival and Best Village broadcasts.

He also hosted jazz programmes on 610 Radio, worked at Radio Trinidad and in his later years worked in newspapers.

Yussuf Ali, who was Maynard's chief editor at 610, said in a message it was "with great sadness" that he learned of the passing of his friend.

"He was very versatile, working on the news itself (every hour on the hour) as well as on sports," he recalled.

Ali also recalled that Maynard "pinched-hit" for Tony Williams until he became 610's sports writer and on-air presenter in his own right. 

"He was a great worker and had to have things done just so. He was a stickler for neatness. I never had any trouble with him, not even in the remotest way," he added.

Ali said apart from his work he is also grateful to "Jimmy" for introducing him to the "delights of jazz" for which he now owns a large personal collection of jazz music.

He was also grateful to Maynard for patiently teaching him to dance and "over the years, I have had many reasons to thank him for these lessons which served me in good stead all over the world". 

Ali also expressed condolences to Maynard's family.