Sunday, February 18, 2018

Four Trini pilots graduate in Florida

FOUR local pilots recently graduated from Bristow Academy in Titusville, Florida, after completing a series of different courses which lasted a year.

Kishan Ramsingh, Akinola Simon, Marc Charles and Duane Ceballo all received their wings at a graduation ceremony held two weeks ago.

The pilots have each completed the Mountain Flying Course, and Turbine Transition, Military Tactics and NVG flying in the Military Training Programme through FAA Private Pilot, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot Certification.

Ramsingh’s mother, Tara Ramsingh, attended the event. She said it was a proud moment for her as a mother and a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.

She said the US and Trinidad and Tobago national anthems were played at the ceremony.

Director of Bristow Academy Samantha Willenbacher was quoted as saying in her speech: “The Trinidad and Tobago government must be commended for choosing the finest young men to chart this course.”

Willenbacher also said Bristow Academy was confident that the pilots would use their training and experiences gained from the Military Training Programme to promote peace and security in their home country, Ramsingh said.

The men are employed with the Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard.

They returned home last Sunday but are expected to return to the United States, this time to Philadelphia for further training.