Thursday, February 22, 2018

Friends gunned down after birthday lime

Less than 12 hours after celebra­ting his 35th birthday at his family home in Dan Kelly Street, Laventille, former murder accused Clinton Otis John was shot dead while liming with his 22-year-old friend, Kerwin Jones.

According to police reports, at about 10.10 a.m. yes­terday, officers of the Besson Street Police Station

responded to a report of shooting along Dan Kelly Street. 

When they arrived, they found the bodies of two men lying in a track just off the roadway. Both men, po­lice said, had been shot multiple times.

A large quantity of spent shells was observed near the bodies of the two deceased men, leading investigators to believe the friends may have been chased by their attackers along the track. 

The first responders notified the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), as well as the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, and a party of officers, including Inspector Sahadeo Singh and Cpl Harvey, among others, visited the scene. 

The lawmen were assis­ted by units from the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), accompanied by mem­bers

of the Defence Force and Coast Guard. 

The area was cordoned off. 

Relatives told the media both John and Jones lived in Seventh Avenue, Barata­ria, and had come into the

area on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate John’s birthday. 

They said they were “caught off-guard” by the murder as the community hadn’t experienced any “serious crime” in a long while.

John’s father, Raymond Charles, said he was in a total state of shock and didn’t understand why anyone would want his son dead. 

He noted his son had spent six years in custody after being charged with a murder he “didn’t commit”. A fact, he said, which made his son’s death even harder for him.

“He make six years in jail on a murder charge and he didn’t do it. That is wickedness. It have people who know what happened and they wouldn’t say anything. Same thing here. They kill Otis and I sure people know what happened but they wouldn’t say anything. 

“These young men need to stop their nonsense. All they doing is making these funeral homes richer and richer. That is total madness. Like they forget it have a God,” a distraught Charles said. 

Police said John was once charged with the murder of 68-year-old Peter Bernard on December 10, 2002, at Dan Kelly Street. 

Bernard, of Dan Kelly Road, La­ventille, had parked his van in his garage when his wife, Ena, went to meet him. 

The couple sat talking when  three men ambushed them and minutes later shot Bernard. 

John was subsequently released as witnesses did not come forward. 



  •  The murder toll for 2014 has been pushed to 226 with two  more killings.

  • The murder toll at July 10, 2013, was 193.