Saturday, December 16, 2017

From Church Choir to Soca Stage

...Kathy's rising star

kathy pic[2]

Aspiring Soca star, Kathy Trotman - Photo by Trevor Watson

Trevor Watson

UPCOMING Soca artiste Kathy Trotman has come a long way from singing in the church choir.

It was her involvement with the church choir where her passion and love for music was developed and enhanced.

Now Trotman, who is also a song writer, wants to join the ranks of popular soca artistes such as Machel Montano and Destra Garcia, local celebrities who inspires her.

She recorded her first soca single last year.

The song "He say," was released earlier this year. And she recently recorded a groovy soca track called " Rock meh Body" . It was released in September.

Trotman, 25, of Ste Madeleine, said she was always was surrounded by music.

"As a young child, my main sources of musical influence came from the sound of uncle’s saxophone and the reggae and calypso being played on a daily basis by my father" she said.

At the age of 14, Trotman was formerly voice trained for six months in Vistabella.

She said, "Growing up, I mainly listened to R&B and pop music, but as I grew older I became intrigued and curious about Trinidad’s local and home-grown genre of soca music.Eventually my curiosity became so overwhelming that I convinced my father to carry me to a soca concert geared towards young persons. After seeing young persons as myself performing and commanding the crowd, I became inspired and motivated to compose my own original soca compositions."

Trotman said, "Though my main focus at the moment is soca, I am versatile and would eventually like to release R&B and Dance/Techo hits. With any venture, I undertake I aim to be successful. My goal is not just to be a soca artiste but to be the best entertainer I can possibly be. I am hard working and determined and can be classified as a perfectionist when it comes to my music. "

Trotman also owns a clothing store called The Drup in Harmony Hall, Marabella.

Her future plans are "making great music," " assisting others coming up in the industry" and owning her own Record Label.