Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fuad: Kaylan had problems from the start

FUNERAL arrangements are still being finalised for Kaylan Nasir Lee Foon-Cummings, the firstborn of this country’s first set of sextuplets.

The boy’s father, Kieron Cummings, speaking to CNC3, said the family was “distraught”, but noted the nurses had done all they could.

The baby boy died on Saturday after fighting for his life for 19 days, and was the only newborn on life support since his birth.

Cummings said the other babies are doing well, “putting on size”, and should be released from the hospital soon.

Former government minister Verna St Rose Greaves had visited Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan with Cummings, his father and the father of the sextuplet’s mother, Petra Lee Foon, weeks before the birth.

Khan reported that the group had expressed concern about the capability of the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital to deliver and care for the sextuplets. He noted St Rose Greaves had also raised concerns about the hospital’s resources with Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, but he had assured the Prime Minister the public health sector could handle that type of procedure.

Khan, speaking to the Express yesterday in a telephone interview, said any assertion that baby Kaylan’s death was due to the lack of facilities for multiples births was “erroneous”.

“That one of the sextuplets has been having problems from the start, which is to be expected in multiple pregnancies such as that,” he said.

He explained: “That sextuplet, because of the nature of being a sextuplet, ran the risk of being abnormal, growth and respiratory symptoms, as well as cerebral symptoms, and that has been suspected all along ever since the birth.”

The Express understands that baby Kaylan had suffered upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

No details on funeral arrangement were available last night.