Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fuad looking to ‘foreigner’ for probe

Surgeon has performed over ‘100 unsupervised, successful C-sections at Mt Hope Maternity Hospital’ ...Khan brings in foreign specialist for probe


Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan

Mark Fraser

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan is seeking help from a foreign specialist in the independent probe into the death of baby Simeon.

Khan said he has been in negotiations with a top surgeon from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists from London who will be looking at “technique.”

“One of the things he will be looking at is technique. He will start from fresh. He will look at the notes, have a full meeting and then begin to work on the investigations,” he said.

Khan said he could not give the exact date of the surgeon’s arrival.

He said the investigation team comprises a member of the Medical Board and a Legal Advisor.

Asked about ongoing investigations yesterday, Khan said: “The investigating body is being appointed. We are getting the Attorney General to assist them. Being a doctor it is not about me taking myself out of it. It is nice to have the legal aspects. We have not done anything as yet. I am trying to get someone from abroad. In a couple of days a specialist will come from abroad. The AG is part of a team approach to finding out about it.”

Khan was speaking at the opening of an Organisation of American States (OAS) Inter American Drug Abuse Control Commission (OAS/CICAD) Caribbean Training and Certification Programme For Drug and Violence Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Pilot Training (PROCCER) at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope..

Khan said he has enlisted the aid of AG Ramlogan in baby Simeon’s case since “it is nice to have the legal aspects.”

Baby Simeon died during a Caesarean section on his mother Quelly Ann Cottle, 38, at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital on March 1. His head was cut during the surgery.

Asked about the disciplinary process, Khan added: “You don’t go in and discipline someone without getting the facts. The strongest disciplinary action could be losing your licence. What could be more worse? It’s a serious problem to have the licence revoked. It is a serious thing to lose your licence. The Council is allowed to investigate and deal with it.”