Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fuad: No problem with autopsies


MYSTERY: Curtis Marshall

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Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan said that because Dr Hubert Daisley and Dr Eslyn McDonald-Burris are not registered as forensic pathologists with the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago that does not mean they are not able to conduct autopsies.

Khan had told the Sunday Express that only Dr Valery Alexandrov is registered by the Medical Board as a forensic pathologist.

The Minister was speaking in the wake of conflicting autopsy reports on the death of Lance Corporal Curtis Marshall at Defence Force Headquarters in Chaguaramas on December 29.

In a TV6 News exclusive story last night, Khan said he was not convinced past autopsies conducted by Daisley, McDonald-Burris and Dr Hughvon De Vignes have been jeopardised.

He explained there is a shortage of pathologists across the globe.

"I am getting more information on that because of the shortage, as I've said, worldwide, you have people being designated based on experience and from what I understand Dr Burris and Dr De Vignes, they have done 7,000 autopsies, forensic autopsies, which would qualify them in the eyes of the developed countries as people who are capable of that discipline," Khan said.

But National Security Minister Jack Warner told TV6 News he is very concerned.

"I first of all want to commiserate with the family of the soldier and to say that I await the report that would come to us, I imagine, within a couple of days before I make a statement formally. More importantly, what is of concern to me is the fact that I have now learnt there is only one qualified pathologist in the country and for me that raises all kinds of questions in terms of justice...in terms of our justice system," said Warner.

He said he has asked the National Security Ministry's Permanent Secretary to give him a report within the next 22 hours as to why this situation existed and what can be done to correct it.