Friday, January 19, 2018


...but denies physical altercation with flight attendant


Minister of the People and Social Development Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh at a cheque-distribution ceremony on Tuesday at the St Augustine constituency office of Member of Parliament Prakash Ramadhar. Photo: Jermaine Cruickshank

Donstan Bonn

MINISTER of the People and Social Development Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh says  he regrets his disorderly conduct on board a domestic flight from Tobago to Trinidad on Sunday, blaming his behaviour on "severe fatigue".

Ramadharsingh has however denied having any physical interaction with 25-year-old Ronelle Laidlow, the flight attendant who has since made an official report to the police.

The Express today exclusively reported that police are currently investigating a report of disorderly behaviour by Ramadharsingh on board Caribbean Airlines flight BW1519.

Laidlow has made a report of the incident to the Piarco Police sub-station and the security department of the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT).

In both reports Laidlow stated while on duty she spoke to Ramadharsingh about stowing away luggage since the overhead compartment could not be closed.

Ramadharsingh responded to the incident this morning after delivering the feature address as a forum held at Capital Plaza, Port of Spain.

Ramadharsingh said he was feeling "very, very unwell" on Sunday.

"Feeling noxious (sic) and quite ill, I returned with family members on the flight. I sat at a seat at the back and there was some conversations with an air flight attendant about fixing my bag which had to be placed several cabins ahead because of the space on the aircraft and also that she felt I should move to another seat at the front," he said.

"At the point in time I did not agree. Reflection is always healthy. I believe that I should not have been perturbed by some of the requests that she made and I have since on arrival at Trinidad I did indicate my apologies and I do so again".

"I give an unreserved apology. We do run long hours and sometimes you do fact my doctor did indicate to me on arrival to Trinidad that I was suffering from severe fatigue".

He said "I do aplogise if she (Laidlow) felt that I was not cooperating but I was really really......I had run a very very long and arduous schedule which I should have not have and therefore this is my position on this matter.

There are many other issues I would like to totally deny. There was no physical interaction in fact members of my family were with me and I have the information from them that........but I would really not like to say more than that, because at least as I am concerned I have offered an apology for any statement or any lack of cooperation that was felt to be offensive".

He added "I have no difficulty.....I am in public life and I have no difficulty in saying that I regret  reacting in a manner that might not have been the best way so to do, and I give an unreserved apology to the individual," he said.