Sunday, February 25, 2018

Gangster murdered in Mt Hope

A WELL-KNOWN gang-leader, who had a string of pending matters as well as addresses, was found shot dead yesterday morning 50 feet off a Mt Hope precipice.

Alvin “Taliban” Maharaj, 35, was described as “well known to the police”.

Police said shortly after 11 a.m. they received a telephone call from residents of National Avenue in Mt Hope.

When officers arrived on the scene, residents directed them to a Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) reservoir in the area and, with the help of the Search and Rescue Division of the Fire Service, the body was found down the precipice.

Police said Maharaj had on a pair of black track pants and he was bareback.

He also had a bandage on one of his hands after he had been shot in December.

On that occasion, police said they received a call about a shooting incident at the corner of Queen and Henry streets in downtown Port of Spain.

When officers arrived, they found Maharaj and 13-year-old Hamid Rasheed nursing gunshot wounds. Both were taken to Port of Spain General Hospital where they were hospitalised in a stable condition, suffering from injuries to their hands.

Police said the two were standing at the corner when a gunman approached a group of men and opened fire.

Police also said Maharaj had several addresses, including one in Port of Spain and another in Chaguanas.

They said although Maharaj was known to be involved in a number of shootings, there was never enough evidence to arrest him as no-one wanted to come forward to give evidence against him.

The murder toll for the year to date stood at 23 up to last night, while on January 11, 2013, there were six murders.

Homicide Bureau officers are continuing investigations.