Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ganja fields destroyed in Cameron Hill hotspot

CAMERON HILL, Diego Martin, was again a hotbed of activity yesterday as police and soldiers destroyed a number of marijuana fields and base camps.

They also continued their search for eight gunmen who reportedly shot at the police on Monday afternoon.

Officers spent several hours in the area on Monday after they received a report of an attempted kidnapping in the area but when they got to a road off Cameron Hill, known as Guardia Street, they said they were forced to stop their vehicle to remove three large boulders that had been placed across the road.

They said while moving the boulders they were shot at by someone using a high-powered assault rifle.

Police said the officers did not get the opportunity to return fire and one of their colleagues, PC Clement David, was shot in his thigh.

They took him to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he remained in stable condition up to last night.

Officers then radioed for assistance from the National Operations Centre (NOC) who sent a helicopter to assist the police in finding the gunmen. Soldiers also joined in the search.

On Monday, however, the Express heard the exchange of gunfire between the police and Regiment officers and the gunmen.

Cameron Hill residents, however, flatly denied there was an exchange of gunfire between the police and the eight men who are said to reside in the area.

Police and soldiers yesterday continued their search for the gunmen but then stumbled on what they described as the reason they were attacked in the first place.

Nestled among trees in the largely forested area were a number of small marijuana plantations which the police said were being guarded by the gunmen.

Officers also found two camps which they said had been recently occupied. Both the camps and the plantations were destroyed as well as a large amount of compressed marijuana.

Western Division police are continuing investigations.