Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Get ID stickers for children

 THE blink|bmobile Foundation is once again promoting children’s safety during the Carnival season by providing free Carnival safety ID stickers to parents and guardians taking children out to public events that may be crowded. The child’s name, and contact number for the parent or guardian can be written on to the ID before attaching it to the child’s clothing or costume. 

It only takes a few seconds’ distraction for a child to get lost in the huge crowds attending events over the next few days of Carnival and every year scores of parents and members of the protective services spend nervous hours trying to reunite lost children with their families. 

In the stress of the moment children may have difficulty concentrating and recalling contact numbers for the person with whom they came to the event. By wearing their Carnival safety ID sticker, it becomes easier for other well-intentioned adults to render support given the pervasiveness of mobile phones, and help to quickly reunite parent and child. 

A release from blink|bmobile yesterday reminded parents that, while they enjoy the Carnival activities, they should always be mindful of keeping their children close. 

The stickers were available from Thursday. Parents and guardians can collect the ID stickers at the information desks at the following bmobile outlets and TSTT public offices: 

• Trincity bmobile outlet 

• Brian Lara Promenade bmobile outlet 

• West Mall bmobile outlet 

• Arima TSTT public office 

• DSM Plaza, Chaguanas 

• St James Street, San Fernando, TSTT public office 

• Park Street, Port of Spain, TSTT public office 

• Scarborough, Tobago, TSTT public office