Saturday, February 17, 2018

Give cops $3.5m reward

DOMA fed up of ‘lame responses’:

The Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) yesterday slammed the “lame” responses to crime and suggested that the $3.5 million reward for information on Dana Seetahal’s murder be instead offered to the police who solve the crime.

In a release, DOMA stated that Seetahal’s murder on May 4, which was a direct and deadly blow to justice and law enforcement, continues to haunt all right-thinking citizens.

It stated while the outpouring of concern for the future of this country after Seetahal’s ‘hit’ was encouraging, “what is extremely depressing, however, are the lame, repetitive responses from the various agencies and authorities whose job it is to protect our nation. What has occurred is an unmistakable threat to the future welfare of our country”.

DOMA stated that no new single strategy has been put forward and every time the country faces the horrors of criminality, all the old ideas are regurgitated: more guns, more vehicles, more cameras and bigger cash rewards for information.

“After offering a $1 million reward for the robbers that murdered Bert Clarke in the cash-in-transit van heist we now offer $3.5 million as an incentive to the public for information in Ms Seetahal’s murder,” DOMA said.

“To prove that our sense of hopelessness is justified why not raise the reward to $10 million now, to see if it will make any difference?” it added.

“Instead of offering incentives to the public, why not offer incentives to the police? Instead of only offering incentives in response to major crimes, why not build incentives for the police that are weekly, monthly and annual?” DOMA stated.

“Why not offer the $3.5 million dollar reward to those police officers that solve this crime. Why not overhaul the management model of our national services? Why not ask the managerial elite to write a new rule book for critical governance issues?” stated DOMA.

DOMA was also critical of the frequent “buzzwords” that have been used by successive governments to give the impression of command such as “strategic assets: or “threat assessment”.

DOMA stated none of these have worked and thousands of murders remain unsolved.

“Colossal affronts to our national security, like the exportation of cocaine in juice tins—packed and shipped from our port by use of commercial business houses are left to drift into history,” DOMA said.

“A complete sense of hopelessness is therefore eating away at our national psyche—we have almost lost the fight against evil and our impotence is repeatedly highlighted by the responses of those to whom we look for protection—our incapacity includes the elite of the society especially us, the business community, whose demands that the Government must control crime now and crime will deter investors is lacking in civic responsibility to the point of naked selfishness,” it stated.

DOMA stated that the most rudimentary analysis of our state of collapse will point to the defective management model that we instituted at independence.

The release stated that it is a management model that measures no performance, offers no incentives and demands no accountability.

DOMA stated that the list of failures in service that flow from this model is legendary; health, education, public transportation and local government are but a few .

“Let us act now, in novel, imaginative ways to dispel the sense of despair and incapacity that is destroying our nation,” DOMA said.