Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Glowing tribute in House

Deputy Speaker Nela Khan yesterday paid tribute to Dana Seetahal. 

It is unusual for the Deputy Speaker to have made any such tribute to a senator without portfolio, who never served in the House of Representatives. But given the prominence of Seetahal and the impact of her death, she received this honour.

Khan said since Seetahal’s death there have been captivating stories of her  overwhelming achievements and contributions to Trinidad and Tobago. 

“We have lost an exceptional civil servant and a committed citizen, a breed of which is so rare today,” she said. 

She said the lesson Seetahal’s life has taught us, was a composite one of hope and aspiration, love and civility, which were all virtues of an existence also characterised by duty, diligence, morality, strength, integrity and perseverance. 

Khan stated: “We cannot allow Dana’s untimely demise to have been in vain. This is a time for serious reflection. We must each engage in genuine introspection and make the needed adjustments to ensure that we maintain her high standards of excellence in service to country. 

“That way, when our time comes, we too will hear from all corners of this country the words: ‘Well done, dear citizen’.” 

She directed the Clerk of the House to send an appropriate message of condolence on behalf of the House to the bereaved family.