Friday, January 19, 2018

Gopee-Scoon: I’m getting evicted because I’m PNM

MEMBER of Parliament for Point Fortin Paula Gopee-Scoon said the reason she was being asked to vacate a State-owned house at Clifton Hill in Point Fortin was because she is affiliated with the People’s National Movement (PNM).

Last Friday, she was ordered by the High Court to vacate the house at Clifton Hill, Point Fortin, which belongs to State-owned Petrotrin.

The order was made by Justice Vasheist Kokaram who heard the lawsuit filed by Petrotrin against Gopee-Scoon in the San Fernando Supreme Court.

Justice Kokaram ordered that Gopee-Scoon vacate the premises on or before March 9, and that the parties had to discuss Petrotrin’s rental claim.

Petrotrin’s lawyer Prakash Deonarine submitted that the company was losing $1,260 a month in rent by the MP’s refusal to vacate the premises.

The company stated it needed the property to house its workers.

Gopee-Scoon, who lives in Westmoorings, said yesterday that for the past 25 years, State-owned Petrotrin had allowed the sitting MP for Point Fortin to occupy the house.

She said, “I find that the complainant Petrotrin has acted wrongfully in that , this is a 25-year-old tradition which they have broken. There have been Members of Parliament from the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR), the United National Congress (UNC), from persons who have crossed the floor, and they have remained untouched for 25 years.

“So it is quite clear that political victimisation is at the root of it. But I do abide, if not by the People’s Partnership, I abide by the court’s ruling and therefore I will move out.”

She said, “If it is the will of the court, I accept the judgment and therefore, I will move out.”

Gopee-Scoon said, “It (the house) is not something that I asked for. This is after I was (elected to) office in 2007. The offer was made to me by Petrotrin and I went along with it.”

Even though she lives in north west Trinidad, Gopee-Scoon said, “That does not shorten or lessen my level of representation. I am in Point Fortin as minimum as once per week, sometimes three or four times per week. This is not going to curtail my level of representation at all. I continue to do the work that I have to do and that the people have elected me to do.”