Wednesday, February 21, 2018

...Gopeesingh ‘thankful no lives lost’

 EDUCATION Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh said yesterday he has asked for a formal report on the incident at Holy Name Convent.

Gopeesingh, in a telephone interview, said he has made the request of chief education officer, Harrylal Seecharan.

While he wished to be reserved in his comments prior to being able to read the report, Gopeesingh said he was at this time “thankful” that the pupils and teachers at the school were unharmed.

“We thank God that no innocent child’s life was lost,” Gopeesingh said.

He went on to thank school principal Wendy Aqui for promptly implementing the school’s emergency lock-down plan.

Gopeesingh said all the nation’s school have received training in coping with emergency situations.

Asked to comment on the policeman’s firing of his weapon on the school’s compound, Gopeesingh said: “This is something we would probably have to discuss with police authorities, with regard to protocol in situations like that.”

He said counsellors were called in and were at the school yesterday.

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association (TTUTA), Devanand Sinanan, yesterday also thanked Aqui for successfully implementing the school’s emergency plan.

“I want to commend the principal,” Sinanan said in a telephone interview.

“There was an emergency plan in place and it was implemented. We are also very thankful that none of the children or teachers were hurt.

“It seems the police did a good job of apprehending the intruder and we want to thank them also.”