Thursday, February 22, 2018

Gordon ‘surprised’ over dance routine

INTEGRITY COMMISSION chairman Ken Gordon yesterday expressed surprise over a dance group’s choice of routine, during which dancers mimicked bits of Mr Kill@’s “Rolly Polly” stage show.

Gordon was the feature speaker at the commission’s “Do Right Champions” awards ceremony at the Hyatt Regency (Trinidad) hotel in Port of Spain, where the dance took place.

However, he denied the group, Inkredible Kreations, was stopped in the middle of its “creative free style tango”.

Gordon said the dance group “had done it (the dance moves) much to my surprise, and when I saw what was happening I asked if this was going to reoccur”.

He said the group’s routine was “a man standing behind a woman and his actions were, in my point of view, threatened to be vulgar and, yes, we see a lot of that in Carnival, but when I saw that I didn’t want it to be repeated. So when I asked if that dance was going to be repeated, he (a male group member) said, ‘No, that’s the end of the routine,’ so nothing was stopped and I did not want to see that happen again.”

He said the group expressed no resentment toward him, adding that a minute later, he spoke to one of the group members when the dance had actually ended.

Gordon said arrangements to have the group perform were made by the Integrity Commission, but he was not privy to what their routine would have been.

Prior to that, Gordon said his heart beamed with pride as he commended the performances from Scarborough Secondary and Naparima Girls’ High School, whose Aeda Bhagaloo thrilled the relatively large audience with her mono­logue.

Scarborough Secondary School’s speech band also added a traditional flavour to the event, complete with a small band with drums, a harmonica and colourful costumes which told a story of the need for integrity. 

Gordon, however, also bemoaned “a small visible group which is frequently covered in the media”.

“We have only to reflect on the disgraceful public fighting carried out in television on at least two occasions over the past few days. Girls not only fighting like viragoes, but totally indifferent to the fact that they were wearing the uniforms of their schools.

“It is time that people, whatever their ages, be made accountable for vulgar behaviour and while I would not like to see them scarred for life with a police record, I hope that the courts will find an appropriate and perhaps innovative way to make them understand that there is a heavy price for to be paid for bad behaviour.”

Gordon added, “What I hope we keep in mind is that all countries have problems and it is not the size of the problem that matters, it is how we go about tackling it that ultimately makes the difference.

“We in Trinidad and Tobago are fortunate because we have so many advantages to assist us in overcoming our problems and you too have a special role to play, for while you are not expected to apprehend criminals, you are expected to care... care for our country, for those who may need a kind hand, for those who may not have had the love and guidance that many of you have.” 

He told the pupils, “Continue what you have started and I know you will do the right thing.”