Friday, February 23, 2018

Govt calling in Giuliani

Audit for Police Service...

A complete audit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) will be commissioned shortly in an effort to make the service more efficient and effective in the performance of its duties, a press release from the Ministry of National Security said yesterday.

The press release said Minister of National Security Gary Griffith is currently formalising the engagement of services of two New York-based law enforcement agencies in Harnett Associates and Giuliani Solution Point Global Services, to conduct reviews of the law enforcement agencies, conduct an organisational and operational assessment and an audit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. Upon completion, these two agencies would provide the assessment and guidance to improve the performance of the law agencies, the press release said.

The press release explained that Harnett Associates, which was previously linked to William Bratton, the recently appointed New York Commissioner of Police, comprises a high-powered team of previous senior law enforcement officers who would have worked with Bratton during his initial tenure as NYPD Commissioner. The release said that Bratton’s policies were instrumental in turning around New York and several other cities from being crime-riddled to be rated as one of the safest cities in North America.

The press release said that Harnett Associates would conduct an organisational and operational assessment of the TTPS as well as conduct an audit, which is critical, as a comprehensive audit has not been conducted for years.

The press release went on to say, “Law enforcement is changing at a rapid rate, as well as the prioritisation required based on varying threats, some of which may not have even existed decades ago. The present establishment of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service does not cater for these new threats, hence the need for a proper audit, so that the necessary resources, including of manpower allocation can be streamlined and distributed in an effective and efficient manner, which would provide the proper avenue for maximum success.”

The press release added, “Minister Griffith indicated that the concept of this audit is to ascertain the needs of the TTPS as it will allow the authorities to determine where the shortcomings are in terms not just of manpower strength and re distribution, but because of new threats, there are may indeed be the need for new Agencies or to put more support on specific avenues to minimise these threats, such as intelligence gathering, covert operations, Crime Scene Investigation, A Special Victims Unit, Child Protection Task Force, An Emergency Sections Unit, and other agencies to increase the crime detection rate and more efficient use of technology, to name a few.”

The press release said, “One of the critical objectives of this audit Minister Griffith noted is to ensure that the modern approach of law enforcement is used to maximum effect in the country, hence ensuring that they become even more proactive rather than reactive, which includes more Police Officers being seen on foot and mobile patrols in the streets to provide the proper deterrent and an immediate response, than to have many placed in the police stations, waiting for something to happen to then act.”

The press release said, “He noted that because of the change and level of threat internationally and locally there is now more than ever a need to restructure and realign the country’s National Security resources.

“This new era of modern policing would be achieved by the consultation, advice and working relations that the Ministry of National Security would establish with the former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani and Giuliani Solution Point Global Services (GSPGS).”

The press release said in the meeting between Griffith, Giuliani and GSPGS, several topicspertaining to the Trinidad and Tobago situation were addressed, such as:-

· The various assets that Giuliani Solution Point Global Services LLC will deploy, including a full complement of staff, both operational and implementation personnel (retired NYPD captain, detectives and Internal Affairs personnel)

· Effective use of computerised stats allowing for proper action thereby increasing effectiveness and efficiency of police

· Proper application of the Broken Window Theory in Trinidad and Tobago· Legitimate ways to build the fingerprint database to assist in increasing the detection rate for crimes

· The need for customer service and protocol training to increase confidence and interaction with police

· Activities within communities which aid in improving relations with the community and allow the initiation of bonding The press release said, “With the above in mind Minister Griffith has engaged GSPGS to, among other items,

provide the following:

· Comprehensive Evaluation of TTPS (infrastructure facilities ops units, training and development, community relations.

· Enhance existing ops and best practices

· Review roles responsibilities and capabilities of various units

· Development of criminal cases on key drug members and leaders

· Collection recording and analysing of crime stats

· Improve anti-corruption initiatives.