Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Granny found dead, car missing


baffled: Dennis Ramjattan, centre, son of murdered pensioner Carmen Ramjattan (inset), speaks to neighbours outside his mother's home at Sunkist Drive, Phillipine, yesterday. —Photo: DAVE PERSAD

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A 70-YEAR-old San Fernando grandmother, whose family and neighbours said "would not hurt a fly", was found dead in her house on Wednesday night.

The body of Carmen Ramjattan, of Sunkist Drive, Phillipine, was found in a bathroom. Her Nissan Almera car was missing.

Ramjattan, a mother of four and grandmother of four, lived alone in her home in a quiet community where neighbours said they lived "like family" and spoke with one another almost every day.

Her son, Dennis Ramjattan, said the killing has baffled his family, since his mother had no enemies, no threats to her life, or past incidents involving intruders.

Ramjattan, who resides in Diego Martin, said he spoke to his mother on the telephone on Wednesday morning.

"We talk every day. She told me that she was going to church. In the evening, one of her sisters called and told me they could not reach her on the phone.

"I kept calling and when I didn't get any answer I called a neighbour and asked him to check on her. He called me back and said the car was not there and the gate was open, but the house was in darkness."

The son said he contacted the police and together, they entered the house.

Police found the deceased in a sitting position on a toilet. There were scrapes and scratches about her body.

Neighbour, Dave Jagmohan, said his wife and Ramjattan went for a walk on Tuesday afternoon.

"Everything was normal with her. She said she was not going walking on Wednesday because she was going to church. So we didn't think to check on her.

"We only knew that something was wrong when we saw the police cars in the road," said Jagmohan.

Neighbours wept as they stood in shock outside the home yesterday.

Neighbour, Michelle Sirjue, said, "We live in a close-knit community, and everybody knows everybody. She was a darling and didn't deserve to die like this."

"She wouldn't hurt a fly," said Jagmohan.

An autopsy was expected to be carried out on the body at the Forensic Science Centre yesterday.