Sunday, February 25, 2018

Granny may have known killer

...Glowing tributes for Ramjattan at funeral

GRANDMOTHER Carmen Ramjattan may have been bludgeoned to death because she recognised the man who entered her home to steal her valuables.

Investigators said the suspect caught driving Ramjattan's vehicle a day after her battered body was discovered had worked at Ramjattan's home.

Police said the man knew Ramjattan's house and may have entered through a steel door at the back of the dwelling.

Ramjattan's body was found in a bathroom last Wednesday morning. Her body was cremated at Belgrove's Crematorium yesterday, following a service at her Sunkist Drive, Phillipine, home.

Neighbours complained the woman's killer may have hidden in an overgrown plot of land opposite her home.

Her son Dennis said, "The neighbours said they saw movements in the bushes. They have been pleading with the authorities to cut the grass because it was a hazard. But nothing was done. I am appealing to the corporation to do something about this before it happens again."

The suspect was caught driving Ramjattan's stolen Nissan Almera car on the M2 Ring Road, Debe, on Thursday.

Officers intercepted the vehicle with the assistance of tracking service Car Search.

Friends and relatives paid glowing tribute to the 70-year-old woman yesterday. Her home overflowed with mourners who gathered to say good-bye to a woman described as loving, generous and a servant of God.

She was a member of Faith Centre Ministries in San Fernando.

Senator Lyndira Oudit, her niece, described Ramjattan's death as cruel. "But her beautiful life will overshadow this. She had left us filled. She has given us part of who she is," she said.

Pastor John Mark Chankersingh said Ramjattan was an unusual woman—extra kind, loving and respectful. He said Ramjattan never lacked love.

"She was a woman whose life was full of sharing and, in return, she lacked nothing. She taught us to be generous, caring and kind," he said.

Chankersingh said the elderly woman valued relationships. "Whether they were contracted workers, family, church, neighbours, she knew the secret of life was relationships. She made relationships with people a priority in her life," he said.

Chankersingh said Ramjattan's relationship with her God was intact and she was ready for death.

"The principle of God is that when someone does wrong, he will be punished. We have to remember that," he said.

Dennis Ramjattan, who spoke on behalf of his three siblings, said his mother's death was a "horrible nightmare".

He said, "This is something we can never forget. My parents always worked hard, not because they loved money but because they wanted to lay a good foundation for their children's future. I admire my mother for her passion of life. She was a true Trini woman and never looked at a person's religion. She always had a good time, no matter what the occasion was," he said.

Dennis Ramjattan, who lives in Diego Martin, contacted the police after calls to his mother's cellphone and landline went unanswered. Her body was in a bathroom and her hands were tied behind her back with rope.

Neighbours who went to check on the house said the front gate was open and her gold Nissan Almera car was missing from the driveway.

The suspect was being interviewed by homicide detectives yesterday.