Thursday, December 14, 2017

Grenadian traders protest at Port


WANT COMPENSATION: Grenadian traders who brought their goods to sell and could not gain access to their produce display placards during a protest demonstration in Port of Spain yesterday. —Photo ISHMAEL SALANDY.

Mark Fraser

Produce traders from Grenada yesterday staged a protest at the Port of Port of Spain, calling for compensation after they were denied access to their goods at the facility.

The issue arose yesterday morning after president of the Public Services Association (PSA) Watson Duke shut down the plant’s Quarantine Department, which is responsible for clearing the goods.

The Caricom traders who said all they were trying to do was earn an honest living complained that the strike action by Quarantine officers had affected their weekly routine and would cost them.

Esther Cummings was just one trader who expressed concern over her perishable goods.

“We were told we are not getting our goods till tomorrow and we have things that can spoil and we are begging that they could give us it today and we can go back tomorrow please God,” she said.

Kelly Simon, who is just 22, said having to leave her goods behind was hard. 

“I does put out my best to climb trees, sometimes I falling down,  all my body hurting me. It is hard work, I have a son and a family to take care of back home,” she said.

Gail Lewis who said she has done business at the port for many years insisted that they should be compensated for their losses.

“I find the Minister of Agriculture should reimburse us traders for the loss we have today, because if they knew the quarantine was on strike they could have contacted the quarantine in Grenada and tell us don’t come up this week,” she said.