Friday, January 19, 2018

Grieving man in poison drama

Hours after newlywed wife’s death...


PROMISING FUTURE: Avianna and Riaz Karim of San Francique, Penal, on their wedding day on September 1, 2013

Mark Fraser

AFTER the sudden death of his newlywed wife on Monday, Riaz Karim climbed into her bed, hugged the body and said he, too, wanted to die, according to his relatives. 

Karim, 34, was yesterday being treated at hospital for poisoning, which happened hours after his wife, Avianna Karim, died.

The cause of her death could not be determined in an autopsy yesterday. Pathologist Dr Hughvon Des Vignes has said that a cause of death will be given after the results of toxicology tests are known.

Avianna Karim, 24, a Technical Education teacher at Parvati Girls’ Hindu College, was pronounced dead at a doctor’s office in Penal.

Last year Karim began lecturing at the San Fernando campus of College of Science, Technology  and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT),  after earning a degree at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. 

The couple were married on September 1 last year, and lived with his father, Zainool Karim, at Banwarie Branch Trace, San Francique Road, Penal. 

“Whenever you saw one, you saw the other. Avianna was a very nice person, who laughed a lot and was always playing with the nieces and nephews. He (Riaz Karim) always had the children around him too, buying snacks for them and making them happy,” said Karim’s sister, Patricia Mohammed. 

Karim’s father said he saw his daughter-in-law in the kitchen at around 6.30 a.m. on Monday. 

“I glimpsed her in the kitchen. As I was walking into the kitchen they walked out,” the father said.  Karim’s relatives said yesterday they were shocked by the death of his new wife, and by his death wish. 

Sheriffa Karim, Karim’s sister-in-law, who was also at the doctor’s office, said he was devastated: “Riaz was not talking to anyone, he was just crying and crying (after learning of his wife’s death). He said he was going to get his wallet and just walked out. No one knew where he was going.”

She said he returned within half an hour and went into the room where his wife’s body lay on a bed. 

“The doctor told us to leave the room, and Riaz was alone in the room. He was sitting on the floor, then he went up to the bed and hugged her up. A short while later, we were standing outside the room when we heard vomiting. The doctor rushed into the room and looked at him. The doctor told us to take him to the hospital,” said Sheriffa Karim. 

Corporal Rambajhan of the Penal CID is investigating.