Friday, February 23, 2018

Griffith: Info key in Dana case

“THERE is no such thing as the perfect crime,” National Security Gary Griffith said yesterday as he clarified Government’s offer of a reward that could total $3.5 million in the search for answers in the killing of Dana Seetahal, SC.

Griffith said any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of a suspect in this particular instance is worth $1 million from CrimeStoppers, while Government has offered a further $2.5 million to be paid out if the case ends in a conviction.

The minister said he wants to encourage this type of structure in the CrimeStoppers programme, which looks to reward informants without a paper trail that might lead to the person’s identity being traced.

Griffith, who would not divulge whether there have been any developments in the Seetahal case, said he doesn’t care about the motivation behind the sharing of any information once it could help solve the murder.

“There would have been people who would have known what was happening,” Griffith said in a telephone interview.

“Human intelligence is often the key to solving many crimes. I don’t care if the person is motivated by the financial aspect or patriotism.”

Seetahal was gunned down in her car just after midnight last Sunday morning on O’Connor Street, Woodbrook, en route to her home at One Woodbrook Place.

An autopsy later showed that she had been shot twice to the head, once in the chest and twice to the right arm.

She had spent most of the evening at Ma Pau Members’ Club on Ariapita Avenue, where, as a member for 13 years, she could have been found on most evenings.