Thursday, January 18, 2018

Griffith: Laventille has never been safer

 LAVENTILLE is the safest it has ever been in this country’s history, National Security Minister Gary Griffith has said.

Griffith said the soldiers operating in the area have a significant part to play with respect to the reduction of murders in Laventille.

The Minister made the statements during his contribution to the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2014 in the Upper House last night.

“When last you heard about a murder in Laventille? When last? All of a sudden in the last six weeks there have been one or two murders in comparison,” Griffith said.

“Laventille has been the safest now in the history of this country,” he said.

Temporary People’s National Movement (PNM) Senator Fitzgerald Hinds lauded the reduction in murders in Laventille.

“Like any other responsible citizen, I am proud of what he has just reported in respect of a reduction in the crime of murder in Laventille. Very proud and that is to be encouraged.” 

Hinds said he supported soldiers in the area once they are “operating lawfully and quite properly”. 

Griffith chastised the Opposition for creating false perceptions about the bill.

“It is this perception that has affected us too often, the perception goes right back to the Emailgate situation,” Griffith said.

Griffith said, according to the information in the forged e-mails, he was in three parts of the world at the same time.

“An anonymous imaginary person takes a letter, drops it in a mailbox. It is the wrong font, I still can’t get my phone back and the police checked my phone, nothing was seen,” Griffith said.

“But what was very interesting, though, is that in the e-mails that were allegedly sent by Gary Griffith on one day, you know when you have e-mails it actually has the date, the time of when the e-mail was sent...I was in Australia, I was in London and I was in Argentina in the space of two hours.”

Griffith said it could only be “science fiction” for that to happen.

“I am a ‘Treky’ (Star Trek fan), but unless Scotty from the star ship Enterprise beamed me up in three different places...unless it is Scotty did that it was impossible for me to be three places in the world at the same time,” Griffith stated. 

“Let us get out of the mailbox politics, let us get out of the perception. Everyone now is saying ‘well you know the political leader, he probably got set up’, but it has affected the country internationally because of hearsay.”  

Using a further Star Trek analogy, Griffith said it is time for this country to “boldly go” where it has not gone before by passing the Bill.

Griffith admitted he had “reservations at first” about the Constitution (Amendment) bill, but there is “no sting in the tail”.