Saturday, February 24, 2018

Griffith: No room for criminals

LifeSport Programme

No criminals will be allowed in the LifeSport Programme, Minister of National Security Gary Griffith said yesterday.

Speaking at the ministry’s Sports and Family Day at St Mary’s Grounds, Serpentine Road, St Clair, Griffith told those gathered the LifeSport Programme will soon be a part of the National Security family.

“There is going to be a new member of our family and that is going to be the LifeSport Programme. I wish to assure you that there is no room for criminals in the Ministry of National Security — there will be no room for any criminal element, there will be no room for ghost gangs and for those who feel they can get into the Ministry of National Security. The LifeSport fund is going to earn its position in the Ministry of National Security.

Because what we are going to do is not have a system where persons are just going to be placed there. We are going to put persons who are role models who can actually be there to fulfil that position; persons that we have seen, have continued to come forward and be counted. People who can be emulated in the LifeSport Programme. We are looking at Jehue Gordon, Keshorn Walcott, Hasely Crawford, Dwight Yorke, Brian Lara, the Bravos (Dwayne and Darren), Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine — those are the individuals that we will see shortly in the LifeSport. 

Griffith also applauded the seven march past teams from the various sections of the ministry, some of whom did portrayals around former government member of parliament Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh and the incident on the flight from Tobago as well as a song that spoke to the video recording of room 201 activities in which a man resembling a government minister seemed to be the star.

West Indies batsman Dwayne Bravo told the Sunday Express yesterday he would be interested in participating in the LifeSport programme.

Bravo said, he knows the youth look up to them as sporting figures and it was important that they reach out to the people.