Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gulf City Hi-Lo resumes operations

Operations resumed yesterday at Hi-Lo Food Store, Gulf City Mall, La Romaine, one day after the supermarket closed prematurely because of a strange chemical in the atmosphere.

The supermarket opened as usual from 8 a.m. and there was no strange scent in the building.

On Saturday, eight employees had to be rushed to the nearby Gulf View Medical Centre, San Fernando General Hospital and a private medical practitioner for treatment after inhaling the chemical fumes.

They were treated and subsequently discharged.

The supermarket closed at around 11 a.m. shortly after the employees began fainting one hour earlier.

An employee told the Express some of the trays used for baking were not properly cleaned.

“While the employees were baking, the heat caused the chemical to create smoke and it affected the entire building,” he said.

In a release on Saturday, Hi-Lo confirmed a cleaning agent for the bakery pans was not completely removed. The store advised that its bakery products are safe to consume as any exposed to the fumes and tainted equipment have been disposed.

The employee said the air-conditioning vents were cleaned on Saturday night.