Monday, February 19, 2018

Gunmen spare girl, kill 3 men


SPENT SHELL: A relative of murder victim Kwasi Vincent holds a spent shell found on the crime scene. PHOTO by DEXTER PHILIP

Donstan Bonn


brother killed: Kennetta Vincent, and Shiva Arjoon, brothers of murder victim Kwasi Vincent, speak to the Express from their Pond Street, La Romaine, home yesterday. Kwasi and brothers Maurice and Randy Leshmore were killed on Sunday night by three masked men. —Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

Mark Fraser

GUNMEN spared the life of an 18-year-old girl who was told to duck, before they began firing on a group of men at Pond Street, La Romaine, on Sunday night.

The girl escaped unharmed but three men were shot dead.

They were identified as Kwasi Vincent, 29, a painter, Randy Dillon Leshmore, 22, a labourer, and his brother Maurice “Boyo” Leshmore, 26, a painter.

The three died along a track leading from Pond Street. 

Police were told that around 10.30 p.m. three masked men entered the track and as they walked past an 18-year-old girl they told her to “duck down”. 

Maurice Leshmore was shot first in the back of the head. The killers then began firing at the other men, who were hit multiple times. 

Another resident, shopkeeper Kevin Williams, 46, was shot in the foot. 

Vincent’s family complained yesterday that he might have survived if the ambulance service turned up to take him to the hospital. 

The deceased’s brother, Kennetta Vincent, said: “I want to know why the ambulance never arrived to carry him to the hospital. People kept calling over and over for them to come, but up to now they haven’t reached. He was still breathing for about 15 minutes after he got shot. He was breathing hard, but he was not talking. He didn’t have to die without a chance.” 

Vincent was married for nine years and was the father of two, his family said.

His wife, Candice, said: “Kwasi used to do all kinds of jobs including painting and construction. The last conversation we had, he said he was coming home for lunch but ended up falling asleep while washing clothes by his friend. Next thing I know, I hearing they kill him. As far as I know he have no enemies, Kwasi was a humble, simple person. Very loving and very caring”. 

Police described the area as a “drug block”, and said one of the strongest leads they are exploring in the triple homicide was the fight over illegal drug turf in the area.  

Insp Don Gajadhar of the San Fernando Police Station is investigating.