Sunday, February 25, 2018

Guns, ammo, drugs found during Laventille raid


SECRET STASH: A shotgun, a UZI, and several rounds of ammunition were among the items found when police raided several houses at Thomasine Street, Laventille yesterday. —Photo: GYASI GONZALES

Mark Fraser

SIX PEOPLE are expected to appear before a Port of Spain magistrate this week charged with the possession of guns, ammunition and marijuana following a raid in the Laventille area yesterday.

Over the last week there had been a number of incidents in the East Port of Spain and Laventille areas during which approximately six people were injured during shoot-outs between warring gang factions.

In one of those incidents an American national and a woman nursing her baby were shot on Monday afternoon while they were having a lime with friends at a house at Quevedo Road, Hillview in Laventille.

All three shooting victims have since been treated and discharged from hospital.

In another incident on the weekend a seven-year-old boy was shot in his left hand while he and some friends were playing between buildings 58 and 16 along Nelson Street on Saturday afternoon.

As a result of these two separate incidents, police went on a fact-finding mission and identified several houses in the Thomasine Street area where some of these weapons were stashed.

Police said between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. a team of officers from the Besson Street CID, the Criminal Records Office, the Inter Agency Task Force, the K9 Branch and the Port of Spain Divisional Task Force went to several houses in the Thomasine Street area and after a thorough search of some of the houses they found a number of items.

Included were a shotgun, a UZI submachine gun, 22 rounds of 9mm ammo, one ski-mask, one pair of army camouflage pants and 300 grammes of marijuana.

The six people arrested were all found in these houses.

They were taken to the Besson Street CID where they were being questioned up to last night.

Spearheading yesterday’s raid were Snr Supt Wayne Boyd and Snr Supt Alleyne. Also on yesterday’s raid were Insp Sahadeo Singh and Cpl John.

Investigations are continuing.