Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hakeem, Tevin not so innocent, says resident

A Morvant man has come forward claiming teenage cousins Hakeem and Tevin Alexander were not as innocent as they seem and were robbing people.

And some startling details have emerged on perusing the Facebook pages of the Morvant teenagers who were killed by police on Monday.

Hakeem, 16, a Carifta Games medallist and Tevin, 15, were killed in the Chinapoo area in Morvant when officers of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) and North Eastern Division Task Force (NEDTF) responded to reports of shootings in the area.

Police said when they arrived they were greeted with gunfire and they responded. The cousins were shot and taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival.

Three other suspects were arrested and two guns were seized near the scene, police said.

Relatives and friends of the cousins have claimed that they were kneeling with their hands upraised when they were shot by the police.

In an interview last night by Insp Roger Alexander of the CCN TV6 programme, Beyond the Tape a man alleged that the two boys were about to kill him and it was the police in fact who saved his life.

He said, “we were up (in Chinapoo, Morvant) on a project. These four young men were liming around (he included both Hakeem and Tevin in the four).

He said, “after they went into a house and they were plotting and while I stand up now, one run up the road and after a while I saw another one run out the bush. I said it’s a policeman with a shotgun”.

He said by this time he ran into a nearby drain and took cover during which time the two teenagers and two other young men were looking for him. He said after a while he jumped out of the drain and he ended up in someone’s front porch where he was confronted by the four young men.

“I start to struggle with four of them in the gallery and one of them had a 28 (.28 pistol) and a pump (pump action shotgun) and while I was scuffling I end up getting a gun butt in my head and I end up running further in people house and a man ended up bracing me and he told me that he don’t want that in here,” he said.

The man said he remained in the house and he heard the four firing shots on the road.

The man was asked if he remembered his attackers and he replied, “yes, Hakeem the one who die and I don’t know the next one name.”

He added, “listen I identify the people that tried to shoot me and after the incident with me they ran up Zion Hill and then they got caught up with the police.”

He said, “to those who paint a picture of them boys as good I would say they are encouragers. They father can’t control them and they mother can’t control them and they was robbing people and they doing all kinds of unjust things in the village.”