Friday, January 19, 2018

Harris: T&T has lost sense of right from wrong


Holy communion: Nuns receive communion from Roman Catholic Archbishop Joseph Harris during Easter Sunday mass at the Carmelite Hospice, Observatory Street, Port of Spain, yesterday. —Photo: STEPHEN DOOBAY

Mark Fraser

The people of Trinidad and Tobago have become so caught up in materialism and pleasure seeking above all else, they no longer know what is right from wrong, Archbishop of Port of Spain Fr Joseph Harris said yesterday.

Speaking to reporters briefly after he delivered his Easter message at L’Hospice Corpus Christi Carmel, Observatory Street, Port of Spain, Fr Harris said the country had, to a large extent, “lost its way”.

“We have to go through a real re-education process of our people because we see to have forgotten the values and moral standards that we should have,” Fr Harris said.

This re-education process was apparent in his homily, as Harris noted the “tremendous responsibility” parents have “regenerating the moral and spiritual values our nation seems to lack right now.”

“Our homes must be schools in which our children learn to love the words of Jesus and learn to let the living words of Jesus inspire them to good. All words are habit-forming. As you reflect on the resurrection let us remember He did not just rise from the dead, He is the resurrection and we are part of the resurrection when Jesus’s words live in our hearts and inform and shape our decisions and life,” he said.

He likened the country’s quest for transformation to someone who is thirsty, yet “seeking water from a cracked system that provides no water.”

“Capital punishment and new crime plans are like those cracked systems, they do not provide living water that supplies new life. It is the spirit of Jesus who generates new life. Jesus lives and we know this because (his words are the) proof that He lives-- his words continue to inspire. His words of forgivemenss on the cross, forgivemenss for those killing him are repeated today on the lips of martyrs. His Beatitudes are spoken today to encourage peacemakers,” he said.