Monday, February 19, 2018

He goes missing a month ago: found dead in his car

 THE partially-decomposed body of a man who went missing about a month ago was found behind the wheel of his car on Friday evening, off North Coast Road, leading to Maracas Bay.

Relatives of the deceased, Brian Baptiste, 54, were at Forensic Science Centre, where they had gone to identify the body yesterday.

Keith Baptiste, Brian’s brother, spoke to reporters.

He said about a month ago, on February 23, Brian left his Maloney home, but when he did not return later that day his family became very concerned and, by February 24, his disappearance was reported to Arouca Police Station.

On Friday afternoon, someone was walking along North Coast Road when, just before Maracas Bay lookout, there was a foul smell emanating from the bushes and when the person investigated, Baptiste’s car was found with his body inside.

Keith Baptiste described his brother as a hard-working man, who once worked as a driver with a catering company, but recently started working as a PH driver.

He was the father of two children, ages six and four.

“I mean, while it is a bad situation, we are thankful that we found the body and we would now get some kind of closure,” said Keith Baptiste.

According to the post-mortem, Baptiste’s death was as a result of an accident. —GG