Sunday, December 17, 2017

Health minister waiting for report


cannot say anymore: Fuad Khan

Mark Fraser

 Health Minister Fuad Khan last Friday said the audit was handed over to officials at the ministry and he is awaiting a report.  

“The findings of the audit will be investigated. I am awaiting a report before I act. I cannot say anymore on the matter at this time,” Khan said. 

The Sunday Express also sent questions to all employees named in the audit seeking responses from them. However, only Wayne Oudit responded, saying: 

“I have discussed your text with the chairman of the ERHA Board, Dr Stephen Bhagan. Given that I am not allowed to speak with the media on ERHA matters, Dr Bhagan will respond to the questions raised. Dr Bhagan indicated to me that he will be available to speak with you after 1 p.m. today (Friday). I would be grateful if you could forward your text to him. Thanking you for your assistance with this matter.  “

 At 1.49 p.m. on Friday Oudit contacted the Sunday Express indicating that the responses were prepared and he was forwarding the e-mail to the Sunday Express for Bhagan. Below is the list of questions and responses that were sent by Bhagan. 

QHave you completed your MBA in General Management? Please indicate in what year you enrolled to pursue this degree?

A Mr Oudit informed me that he made the decision not to complete the Henley MBA in General Management. I understand that he enrolled for the MBA in General Management in 2004 with the UK’s Henley Business School.

Do you know who is responsible for falsely representing to the board that you possess an MBA?

I am unaware of anyone falsely representing to the Board that Mr Oudit possesses an MBA in Business Administration. I am however aware that Mr Oudit holds FCCA status with the UK’s Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the final professional level of this qualification is benchmarked to a Master’s Qualification on a global scale. This information is available on ACCA’s website.

How did you end up being hired as the chief operations officer (COO) —a position you never applied for when you were interviewed to fill the post of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?

Mr Oudit was hired on a two-year contract as the COO, after he was interviewed to fill the post of CEO. The ERHA Board was of the opinion that Oudit’s extensive work experience, which covers some 23 years, positioned him to make significant further contributions to the ERHA. Mr Oudit has informed me that he has met the requisite entry requirements to be accepted to pursue his PhD in Business Administration with UWI’s Department of Management Studies, in 2014.

Documents obtained by the Sunday Express show that on November 4, 2013 you signed in the capacity as the acting CEO to hire Legal Officer Anita Rampaul. Your job description at the time was COO and  the CEO hired was Ameena Ali. Please explain.

This document in question was signed by Mr Oudit in October 2013 during his tenure as CEO (Ag.) prior to Ms Rampaul’s assumption of duty on November 4, 2013. I can confirm that there was no breach of ERHA’s policies and procedures by Mr Oudit with respect to this allegation.

Telephone calls and text messages were also sent to each of the employees named in the audit seeking responses from them. 

Leela did not respond to the text message sent by Sunday Express on Friday. 

 And when the Sunday Express telephoned her yesterday enquiring if she will be responded to the questions sent based on the findings of the audit she said:  “I did not receive any text message.”

When told of each of the questions that were sent to her, Leela said: “Excuse me, I cannot respond to anything because we are bounded by confidentiality. Have a good afternoon.”

Pressed further to respond to the findings that questioned her promotion as the GMHR, Leela said: “I cannot comment on any of ERHA business. We are bounded by confidentiality.” 

 Leela was informed of the questions via a telephone conversation yesterday at 1.32 p.m. At 10.14 a.m. on Friday. The following questions were sent to Leela via text message. 

(Q) Based on a recent audit conducted at the ERHA please explain how interview files including yours have going missing from the authority?

(Q) According to the audit you did not meet the minimum requirements to be hired as the GMHR. Please explain on what basis you were selected for the job. 

(Q) Who is responsible for padding board papers with false information that claims the COO holds a MBA in Business Administration?

When the Sunday Express contacted  Rampaul yesterday a man who answered the telephone said she was unavailable. Asked if Rampaul would be responding to the question sent by the Sunday Express the man said: “She will have to get back to you.”

Up to last night she did not.

 The following question was sent to Rampaul via text message on Friday at 10.29 a.m.

(Q) Based on a recent audit conducted at the ERHA it was found that the contract hiring you as the Legal Officer was signed by Mr Wayne Oudit in the capacity of acting chief executive officer (CEO). On November 4, 2013, Oudit was not the acting CEO and had no authority to sign the contract.  Were you aware of this?

ERHA CEO Ameena Ali also refused to speak to the Sunday Express when contacted last Friday. 

Told that a recent audit conducted at the ERHA  found that on November 4, 2013 the COO (Wayne Oudit) signed in the capacity as the acting CEO  hiring Anita Rampaul as the Legal Officer and asked  if she gave Oudit permission to sign on her behalf, Ali said: “I have no authority to discuss ERHA matters with the media.”

Spencer also did not respond to the text message sent to him by the Sunday Express at 10.17 a.m. on Friday. 

(Q) Based on a recent audit conducted at the ERHA the Sunday Express is seeking a response from you to the following question. Do you possess a MBA in General Management?

Contacted yesterday for comment Spencer told the Sunday Express: “I cannot comment.”

Prashad also refused to speak to the Sunday Express. When contacted yesterday and told of the text message sent to her on a Friday at 10.26 a.m. she said: “I have no comment at this point in time. I suggest you speak to the chairman.”

The following question was sent to Prashad: “Based on a recent audit conducted at the ERHA the Trinidad Express is enquiring as to whether you completed your final accounting examination in June 2013. If yes, please list the date and provide proof of your qualifications. “