Sunday, February 18, 2018

Heart surgery clinic opens in South

PATIENTS in need of open-heart surgery can now undergo surgery in south Trinidad.

Caribbean Heart Care Medcorp has teamed up with Surgimed to create a partnership called Caribbean Heart Care Medcorp Surgimed (CHCmS). The clinic was launched on Saturday at the Royal Hotel in San Fernando.

Anirudh Mahabir, chairman of the CHCmS said the south deserved such a centre.

"We are all aware of the difficulties that are faced by Southerners when they have to access medical care in north. In addition to the long travel time is the inconvenience that relatives undergo when visiting. Especially in cardiac disease it would be appreciated that saving time means saving life."

Chief cardiac surgeon of CHCmS Prof Giovanni Teodori said cardiac surgery needed sophisticated infrastructure "which has to be kept up to the international standards to achieve continued success and will be very useful in the territory, reflecting in the improvement of the standard of local health care".

He said coronary artery disease was the main cause of death in the world and cardiac surgery guaranteed the best long-term results.

Teodori said even though starting cardiac surgery in San Fernando will be a challenge, patients will be nearer to home.

He said although resources were limited economically, the organisation maintained high performance standards.

Two cardiac surgery operations performed at Surgimed were successful and Teodori said he intended to "continue with the same effort and enthusiasm".