Friday, February 23, 2018

Heavy rains leave Debe under water

New highway to blame, says Kublalsingh

 FLOODS swept through some parts of South Trinidad today, including the Debe area where some people said they have “lost everything”.

Heavy midday and early afternoon showers in South and Central Trinidad were behind yesterday’s disaster, which some residents blamed on the construction of the Debe to Golconda leg of the Point Fortin Highway extension.

Images posted on the social media site Facebook showed waters knee-high in some places, swamping some homes and rendering some roads impassable for most of the afternoon.

Head of the Highway Re-Route Movement Dr Wayne Kublalsingh said

yesterday the movement had warned massive construction and chan­ging of natural waterways in the Debe area would have brought catastrophic flooding in years to come. He said the flooding is expected to get only worse.

Also caught in the floods yesterday was the popular Debe food strip where a row of vendors offer doubles, pholourie and a wide range of East Indian fried foods.

The strip usually draws citizens from all parts of the country but yesterday’s expected business boom was washed away, with most vendors being forced to close up early.

Fears have been expressed the iconic “Debe doubles” may be under threat if the area becomes prone to flooding with each heavy shower.