Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"Hero" dies after rescuing two children from drowning

...Nicholas Seucharan could not even swim, still he went


Hero: Nicholas Seucharan

Donstan Bonn

IN the ultimate act of selflessness a 26-year-old Tabaquite man died on Monday, after rescuing two children from drowning in Mayaro.

Nicholas Seucharan, an electrician, of Allen Road, could not swim, but still went after the floundering children, the Express was told.

Seucharan's mother, Pramatee Seucharan, said her son was a very helpful person who never turned his back on others.

"It was a good thing that he did, but losing him is very hard on me. He was my only son", his grieving mother said.

She added "His father was begging him not to go in the water, but he still went. He wanted to help save the children. He was a family person".

Seucharan's fiance, Samantha Hendrickson, and other relatives went to a beach near Indian Bay, off the Guayaguayare Main Road on Monday.

Prematee Seucharan, a mother of two, said there were other persons on the beach, whom she believed belonged to a church. "We realised those people were not drinking and feting so we decided to stay there", the mother said.

At around 4 p.m. Seucharan was playing cricket on the beach when a woman from the other group began asking for help to save two children, aged 11 and eight years old, who were being pulled out to sea.

"Nicholas ran to the van to get the rope. My husband begged him not to go into the water because he could not swim. He still went. Another man was trying to help the children was getting into difficulties and people pulled him out, so Nicholas went to save the children. He pushed the children towards the sand, and like he got pulled by a rip current", the mother said.

Hendrickson said: "It was like the wave went over him, and then we saw him floating with his face down in the water".

Prematee Seucharan said her son in law Luke Sahadeo, a diver, waded into the sea and pulled Seucharan to the shore.

He performed CPR for several minutes, and then Seucharan was taken to the Mayaro District Health Facility. Suecharan was pronounced dead on arrival.

Seucharan's fiance, Samantha Hendrickson told the Express the couple wanted to marry in Mayaro.

"It is so sad knowing that we cannot get married and have children. We already had everything prepared for the wedding. He said he wanted everybody to remember his wedding", a weeping Hendrickson said.

The body was removed to the mortuary of the Sangre Grande Area Hospital for an autopsy expected to be performed today.