Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hero award coming in 2013

COMMUNITY Development Minister Winston "Gypsy" Peters on Friday announced the creation of a "community hero award" this year that would be aimed at honouring community stalwarts who may otherwise go unnoticed.

Peters made the announcement as he delivered the feature address at the media launch of the Prime Minister's Best Village Trophy Competition held at the foyer of the Queen's Hall, St Ann's.

Peters said a lot of heroes in the various communities in this country go unnoticed on a national level.

He said this situation needed to be rectified.

"At our ministry we think that recognition ought to be paid to persons who would otherwise go unnoticed and their contribution unrecognised," Peters said.

"So in this year 2013 we are going to be introducing a community hero award," he said to applause.

"So I think that that is sufficient enough to put you on notice, the general public and individuals from different communities, to search for those persons who have made outstanding contributions to communities and who are not yet known to the national community," he said.

This year the Prime Minister's Best Village Trophy Competition will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, Peters said.

"For 2013, we will replace the traditional Best Village logo based on three interlocking cottages that represent the unifying of communities with the 50th anniversary logo," Peters said.

He also paid homage to the competitions inaugural winner, the Chaguanas Village Council.

In an attempt to ensure plans are in place for competition to reach the 100th milestone, Peters challenged his ministry, particularly the Prime Minister's Best Village Unit, to develop a Best Village Folk Art Learning and Resource Centre.