Friday, February 23, 2018

Highway billboards to come down

The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure issued a press statement Thursday, announcing a court victory that may see billboards being taken down along major roads across the country. the following is the Ministry's statement -

The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure was successful in court recently after a Tunapuna Magistrate found a well-known company guilty of illegally advertising on the Ministry’s road reserves. The company was ordered to remove all illegal advertising in accordance with the Highways Act and Regulations. This victory comes on the heels of an ongoing illegal signage removal exercise being undertaken by MOWI’s Supplemental Police Unit.

Estate Constables attached to MOWI have been patrolling and removing all illegal signage and other paraphernalia placed on the Ministry’s Infrastructure at various locations across the country. In cases where persons and businesses continue to breach the law or ignore the warnings of the Ministry, Supplemental Police Officers have laid charges against them in several Magistrates Courts and those matters are pending.

The public is advised that it is illegal to place signs, advertisements, billboards, structures or any similar type of device on any of the following Ministry assets; traffic lights, medians, bridges, walkovers, road reserves, without prior written authorisation from the Ministry. Persons and organisations who engage in this activity are asked to desist immediately. Further, the public is advised that the Legal Unit is working towards amending our laws with a view to increasing the fines for persons or companies found guilty of this practice.

The illegal signage removal exercise is being carried out in the interest of road safety as these illegal advertising displays conflict with authorised traffic signs, are distracting to motorists and deface the property of the Ministry.