Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hinds: Auditor General can investigate New Flying Squad

The Auditor General has the power to investigate reports of a New Flying Squad Investigation Unit (NFSIU), says Opposition Senator Fitzgerald Hinds.

He was speaking on Tuesday during the sitting of the Senate, Tower D, Waterfront Centre, Port of Spain, in the debate of The Exchequer and Audit (Amendment) Bill, 2012.

Hinds noted that National Security Minister Jack Warner has denied any knowledge of the new Flying Squad.

"It is a kind of matter that the Auditor General can intervene in if he or she considers it desirable and issue a report after investigating to the minister who must bring it to the Parliament in like manner," said Hinds.

He said this was a "frightening matter" as there must be accountability with respect to money allocated to Government departments.

Warner said Wednesday he intends to make a full statement in Parliament today on the issue of the NFSIU.

He told reporters in Couva on Wednesday that as far as he was concerned there was no revamped Flying Squad.

Former Flying Squad member, retired police inspector Mervyn Cordner, has claimed the squad was revamped last year under his leadership following approaches by Warner's National Security Ministry for him to lead it.

The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) is investigating reports of the existence of the NFSIU and the Police Service Commission (PSC) yesterday asked acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams about the issue.

He maintained that he knew nothing about the NFSIU.

On Tuesday Hinds knocked the government's inability to deal with crime as he noted the increase in homicides.

He said as murders increased there was no dent in the detection rate.

Hinds recalled that Warner had promised technology and equipment to aid in the crime fight.

He said he filed questions on the Senate Order Paper for Warner to respond to with respect to the controversial new Flying Squad.

"Meanwhile, crime is running rampant, no let-up and other people are just getting rich," said Hinds as he slammed the Government for failing its supporters and being concerned with the "eat ah food" culture.