Friday, December 15, 2017

Hindus unite to mark new year

HINDU organisations across Trinidad and Tobago have come together to host the third annual Varsha Pratipada Sansad—a celebration of the Hindu New Year.

The event takes place at the Chinmaya Ashram, Mc Bean Village, Couva, on Sunday, from 4 p.m.

Pujya Swami Prakashananda, spiritual head of the Chinmaya Ashram, would lead the discourse, giving reflections to the issues facing Trinidad and Tobago. 

“He is youthful, deeply learned in our dharmik traditions, accessible to all, calm, rational, full of clean wit and thoughtful. He has also demonstrated in a short time his commitment to community and nation, and the skills to build community institutions from scratch,” organisers of the event said.

Contributors to the event would deliver tributes, citations and inspirational songs on the theme “The child —will we rock or wreck the cradle on the altar of this land?”.

The Express was told the Varsha Pra­tipada affords Hindus to widen their scope of heritage issues beyond the narrow confines of the Gregorian calendar and embrace their own Sanatana Dharmik experience. 

The event also pays tribute to signi­ficant members of the Hindu and other communities who have passed away during the last year, as well as recognise significant achievements.