Friday, February 23, 2018

Homeowner stabs,kills would-be bandit

Wife shot, warded in hospital...

A MORVANT bandit was stabbed to death early yesterday morning when he stormed the home of a Tunapuna man with intent to rob, according to Tunapuna police.

Police said that at 1.30 a.m., Akile Agard, aged 27, broke through the front door of the home of a man at Harris Trace, Tunapuna and reportedly attacked the man.

Agard then struck the man a blow to his head and the man passed out.

Minutes later, however, the man awoke when he heard a gunshot.

He quietly got up and met a gun-toting Agard standing over his wife, who he had just shot.

Armed with a large metal pipe and a knife, the man struck Agard a blow to the head. Agard quickly recovered and the two men began fighting in the house.

During the fight, Agard was stabbed once in his chest and he died on the spot.

The man then contacted the ambulance service and his wife was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope, where she remained undergoing treatment.

The man called the Tunapuna police and a team of officers, including Supt David Abraham, Supt Williams, Insp Seecharan and Sgt Basdeo Sinnanan, visited the scene where they conducted enquiries.

The man was taken to Tunapuna Police Station where he was being questioned up to press time last night.

The death of Agard has not been classified as a murder as, according to the police, all the evidence so far points to self-defence in favour of the homeowner.