Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hosay in Cedros, St James

The streets of Cedros and St James have come alive for Hosay. In Cedros it was the villages of Bois Bourgh, San Marie, Fullerton and Bonasse.

In St James, the Western Main Road saw Flag Night on Sunday, Small Hosay on Monday night. Big Hosay will take place tonight.

Last night the tadjahs (elaborate floats depicting mosques) paraded though the streets.

According to one of the main organisers of the Hosay festival, Brian Ramcharitar, "We were worried about the SoE. If it was extended, the police would have prevented us from parading on the streets. So we are glad it ended."

Ramcharitar said this year's festival in Cedros will be the grandest ever.

"We had a lot of time during the SoE and the curfew to concentrate on making the Hosays in a special way."

He said, "Normally, we have four tadjahs, but this year we will have five. The latest addition is one located at "The Hole" near the police station.

The state of the economy seemed to have little effect on the festival.

Ramcharitar said the average cost of each tadjah is roughly $20,000.

"We have received some support from the business community and other well wishers in Cedros, but as far as government is concerned it was zilch.

"But we will survive and we have even invited government officials to witness the display and perhaps they might have a change of heart."

Up to yesterday, the residents involved in constructing the tadjahs were hard at work trying to put on the finishing touches.

Hosay is the commemoration of the death of brothers Hussein and Hassan, grandsons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Hosay came to Cedros during the period when the Muslim indentured workers went to work on San Marie and Fullerton Estates.

The procession ends in Cedros and St James onWednesday evening at 6 p.m.