Monday, December 18, 2017

Housewife fingers severed

Mysterious attack in Sando

HOUSEWIFE Brenda Ramnath underwent emergency surgery on Wednesday night in an attempt to reattach two fingers severed during a mysterious attack at her home in San Fernando.

Ramnath, 55, of Hazelnut Drive, Union Hall, was discovered by labourers working on the wall of a nearby house.

The men told police that at around 11.25 a.m, they were alerted to screams and found Ramnath in her driveway, bleeding from the head and left hand.

A nurse living nearby also came to Ramnath's aid and found one of her severed fingers. Crime scene officers found the second finger in a bedroom.

Ramnath was unable to help police with information, but investigators suspect that she was gagged and her hands bound with duct tape before she was assaulted.

Police said it appeared Ramnath was able to flee the house and call for help after the attacker left.

Ramnath's husband, a construction worker, said he was at work in Marabella at the time.

Sergeant Richards Smith is investigating the case.