Saturday, December 16, 2017

Howai: Learn from Lord Krishna

CITIZENS of this country can learn a lot from the life of Lord Krishna, who is being celebrated during this year’s Divali festivities, according to Finance Minister Larry Howai.

Howai, who delivered the feature address at the Divali Nagar in Chaguanas on Wednesday, encouraged attendees to take heed of the lessons that can be learnt.

“Bhagavan Shree Krishna’s life, as told by the various scriptures, gives us practical lessons on how we should regulate our daily lives and conduct. It tells us how to overcome our ene­mies and how to develop the divine virtues which will help us to attain our ultimate goal of God-consciousness.

“His message was one of sacrifice, love and duty. Love all. Share what you have with others. Do your duties well. Rise above petty likes and dislikes. Keep open the portals of your heart by removing selfishness, greed and lust, so that the supreme Lord himself may come and dwell therein,” said Howai. 

“The way he (Lord Krishna) lived his life teaches us that in spite of the difficulties and hardships that we face, we must forge ahead on our path to fulfilling our destiny of self-realisation.

“He has also taught us that no matter what roles we assume in life, we must perform our duty to the best of our abilities. Bhagavan Shree Krishna was the master of all roles, be it as a child, a brother, a charioteer, a warrior, a friend, a statesman, a messenger, a philosopher, a disciple, a protector or a guru.”

Another lesson one can learn from Lord Krishna’s life was that one should be clever but not wicked, Howai said.

The celebration ended last night with a grand show and fireworks display.