Sunday, December 17, 2017

Howai to pay attention to charges

Finance Minister Larry Howai said yesterday that if the allegation that the Life Sport Programme is funding alleged criminals is true, then the Ministry of Finance would want to pay closer attention to it.

He said the Ministry of Finance makes the funds available to the various ministries which deal with the administration of it, what contracts they pay and who they give it to. “If what they (the Opposition) are saying is true, we would want to pay very close attention to that and would need to look at it (Life Sport) more carefully,” he said.

Asked whether he saw any evidence of the funds going into the wrong hands, Howai said: “I don’t have that evidence. But we did do a review and we identified some administrative things that needed to be rectified which we had communicated with the board of the company. Certainly some of what is being said now, did not come up.”