Saturday, February 24, 2018

Husband: I will fight for justice

How did Sasha Lysa Ali-Bisnath bleed to death?


PRECIOUS MOMENT: Sasha Lysa Ali-Bisnath shortly after giving birth to baby Siara.

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HAPPIER TIMES: Ali-Bisnath and her two-year-old daughter Solara.

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THE husband of Sasha Lysa Ali-Bisnath wants someone to explain how the mother of his two children bled to death last month.

Damien Bisnath wants to know why his children were denied the warmth and love that only a mother can give.

And why his 28-year-old wife was never given a chance at motherhood.

"She wanted to be a mother more than anything. She loved her children unconditionally. My wife left her job to be a stay-at-home mom. She wanted to (be home with) our children until they were five years old," Bisnath said.

Ali-Bisnath delivered her second baby girl by a planned Caesarean section at the Gulf View Medical Centre, La Romaine, on December 20.

She held her newborn baby after delivery and gave her the name Siara Dalia. Ali-Bisnath's relative added the name Lysa.

But following complications, Ali-Bisnath was transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital, where she died the next day.

An autopsy performed at the hospital mortuary by Dr Hubert Daisley found that she died as a result of coagulation and bleeding diathesis post C-section.

A second autopsy performed at Guides Funeral Home by pathologists Dr Hughvon Des Vignes and Dr Valery Alexandrov confirmed the first.

Ali-Bisnath's relatives are claiming negligence and have retained an attorney.

Her loved ones are determined to find out what caused Ali-Bisnath to bleed to death after delivering her baby.

Bisnath has submitted his wife's medical notes to his attorneys.

Ali-Bisnath's medical notes were obtained from the Gulf View Medical Centre and San Fernando General Hospital.

"The lawyers would have experienced doctors go through the documents to find out whether there was any negligence. Then they will determine what action we can take against the medical institutions. But I was told by a senior gynaecologist that there were many instances of negligence in my wife's case," he said.

Bisnath said he intends to fight for justice in his wife's death.

"A young, healthy woman is now dead. My two children are without a mother. My wife was a fantastic woman, a great mother. She was denied motherhood. My children were denied the warmth and love of a mother," he said.

Bisnath's elder daughter, two-year-old Solara, has been asking for her mother. "They were very close because Sasha was with her all the time. Solara asks for her everyday. She even told me that she was missing her mummy," he said.

Newborn baby Siara is being cared for by her maternal grandparents in Freeport.

Leela Ali, Ali-Bisnath's mother, has taken time off from her job as a school teacher to care for the baby.

"I promised my daughter that I will take care of her children. I am not going to let her down. She is depending on me. I will try my best to raise these children the way Lysa would have wanted," she said.

Ali-Bisnath lived at Orangefield, Carapichaima.

Her relatives said she experienced no complications during her pregnancy.

"My daughter prepared everything for Christmas before she went to deliver the baby. She wrapped all the presents. Bought a big car for Solara and hide it by us. She packed under the Christmas tree. She planned the baby's six days. She organised an area where she would put the baby and where her in-laws will sit when they came. She did everything," Leela Ali said.

Ali, 50, said her daughter was the link in her family, her best friend.

She said her daughter loved motherhood and cried that Ali-Bisnath would never be able to see her girls off on the first day of school or witness their graduations.

 "But we will all try our best to raise these children well. My grandchildren are my life now," she said.

South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) chairman Dr Lackram Bodoe said a preliminary report suggested that the medical staff at the SFGH did all within their power and mobilised all resources to keep Ali-Bisnath alive following her transfer.

The report was sent to Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan, who has promised to take action if negligence is found in Ali-Bisnath's death.

Bodoe was appointed to lead the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Ali-Bisnath's death.

The appointment was initially rejected by Ali-Bisnath's relatives, who claimed he was affiliated with the private nursing home.

But Khan assured her relatives that there was no conflict of interest and he was confident that Bodoe would be thorough.