Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Husband seeks PM's help for 3rd autopsy

Cops reject Stacy Ramdeen strangulation report


mystery death: Stacy Ramdeen

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THE FAMILY of Caroni mother of three, Stacy Ramdeen, who died after a police raid on the family home two weeks ago, wants Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to intervene, and allow for a third autopsy to be conducted on the body.

And acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams is being urged to order a criminal investigation into the conduct of the police officers who went to Ramdeen's home on November 8.

Ramdeen's husband, Evan Petamber, said he has written letters to Persad-Bissessar and Williams.

He said: "My next step will be to write to the United Nations. We are trying to get the attention of the State. We want to see justice served in my wife's death."

On November 8, police officers of the Central Division Task Force conducted a raid at Ramdeen's home at Ibis Gardens, Caroni.

That afternoon, Ramdeen, 32, who was also known as Ameera Mohammed, was pronounced dead at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex at Mount Hope.

Security camera footage from the family home later showed police officers carrying Ramdeen from the house, holding her by the hands and feet, and wrapped in a sheet.

Ramdeen was placed in the trunk of the police patrol vehicle and taken away.

An autopsy conducted by Dr Hughvon Des Vignes at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, stated the cause of death as asphyxia.

The post-mortem report also indicated she suffered from chronic heart disease, which could have led to her death.

Police had initially reported Ramdeen swallowed an unknown quantity of cocaine during the raid and subsequently died, despite repeated attempts to revive her.

Not satisfied with the results of the autopsy, the family had a second autopsy conducted by Dr Hubert Daisley.

Daisley conducted the autopsy at a funeral home, and found the cause of death was as a result of strangulation.

Daisley's finding, however, is not being accepted by the police.

The family is now calling on the Prime Minister and Commissioner of Police to intervene for another autopsy to be performed so that it can be placed on State record, what caused Ramdeen's death.

Charlene Petamber, Ramdeen's sister-in-law, said: "It is unfair that the police officers who were involved in this incident are allowed to work as normal, and my sister-in-law is dead. They need to be investigated and the public has to know what happened."