Thursday, February 22, 2018


‘Witness’ in Sharma-Sacha Singh incident says she was focused on protecting her child:


The way they were: Fyzabad MP Chandresh Sharma and his former girlfriend, Sacha Singh, in an undated photo. Singh said there was a witness to the incident in which she was pushed by Sharma.

Mark Fraser


HAPPIER TIMES: Fyzabad MP Chandresh Sharma and his former girlfriend Sacha Singh in an undated photo.

Mark Fraser

One of the alleged parties to the altercation between former tourism minister Chandresh Sharma and businesswoman Sacha Singh has said she does not remember witnessing the incident.

Schoolteacher Geeta Maharaj is dismissing as “idle conversation” a recording of her talking about the alleged incident.

The Express contacted Maharaj after a package containing an audio recording was dropped off at Express House, Independence Square, Port of Spain, yesterday.

The recording contained the conversations of Maharaj, Singh and a male teacher from a school in the East, chatting about what transpired on March 12.

Maharaj is heard saying: “He pushed you at one point. I heard the knock, I knew you got hit somewhere.

“You’re strong and you’re brave, I don’t know whether I would be able to do what you’re doing,” Maharaj said referring to Singh’s decision to emerge and recount what allegedly occurred publicly.

Maharaj continued: “He had tried to revive you with water. We weren’t talking, he was busy trying to revive you.”

The Express played the recording for Maharaj and asked whether the statements made came from her. She said yes.

“That was just idle conversation, I don’t think that has anything to do with the issue playing around the place.

“This whole thing has been blown up. I don’t want to have anything to do with it and I don’t want no part of it. Because I have not seen anything,” Maharaj said.

She added: “I was more dealing with my daughter and I was trying to protect my daughter. I cannot say for a fact that I saw anything.”

Asked by the Express why she hasn’t emerged publicly or requested from her legal representative that statements made by Singh implicating her be stopped, Maharaj said: “I think when the time comes, my lawyer will deal with it. I did not witness anything.”

The Express told Maharaj that, based on information received, she was paid to recant what “really happened that night”.

“Based on information received, can you confirm or deny that money was dropped off for you last night” (Monday),” the Express asked.

A laughing Maharaj said: “I just have to laugh. Because I am one of those simple people.

“Money doesn’t do anything for me. I come from a family where I have everything I need in my life. So I don’t really need anything,” she said.

Stating that she is a religious person, Maharaj said, “No one can pay me or buy me. “I’m not that kind of person.”

Asked whether she was even present at Grand Bazaar the night of March 12 in the presence of Sharma and Singh, she said; “Let me not answer you anything again”, and the call was disconnected.

Sources say Maharaj will be interviewed today by police officers.

When the Express contacted Singh, she said: “I stand by what I said.”

Efforts to contact Sharma were unsuccessful. Sources say he left the country yesterday for Canada and will be interviewed by police upon his return.

Last week acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams confirmed a report lodged at the St Joseph Police Station against Sharma is being investigated.

The matter against Sharma was reported on March 12, by his then-girlfriend business owner Singh and allegedly took place around 8 p.m. at Grand Bazaar.

During an interview on radio, Singh detailed the circumstances which led to Sharma allegedly slapping and pushing her down.

Singh was visited on Friday afternoon at her Piarco office and recorded a statement. She was quizzed for over two hours.

On Monday, Sharma resigned as a minister vowing to clear his name.

It was only last week Tuesday that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar fired Minister of the People Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh following an altercation on board a Caribbean Airlines flight from Tobago to Trinidad.

According to reports, Ramadharsingh had threatened flight attendant Ronelle Laidlow.

Laidlow, 25, in her statement to police said Ramadharsingh’s hand touched her breast when he reached for her ID badge, which was pinned to her blouse.

Following the incident, Ramadharsingh apologised for his behaviour saying he was suffering from “severe fatigue” but denied touching Laidlow or threatened to have her fired.