Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I won’t tolerate corruption as PM

Rowley: Kamla afraid to take action...

DR. Keith Rowley2


Mark Fraser

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley asserted on Tuesday that as Prime Minister he would fire any Government Minister in his Cabinet who is corrupt.

“There will be no instance where as Prime Minister and PNM leader I will be afraid to take action against ministers who are deemed to be wholly unworthy and found to be corrupt,” said Rowley at a meeting at the Sangre Grande Civic Centre. It was one of several meetings Rowley will hold in the run up to internal party elections due this year.

He claimed that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar knows of the corruption in her Government but was fearful of taking action against ministers.

Rowley said there was corruption across the board in different ministries.

“I direct your attention to the last report of the Auditor General of Trinidad and Tobago, that report is the most scandalous report ever produced by any auditor general in the history of Trinidad and Tobago,” he said.

“In that report, the misspending and corrupt and personal practice in the Ministry of Sport and Youth affairs boggles the mind. If you read it you will ask yourself why am I paying tax as a taxpayer so these people could spend money in this way,” he added.

Rowley said he was not in love with office and he was not about office but about service to people.

He said if he wanted to hold on to the position of leader of the PNM, he would not have ensured that there were changes to the party’s Constitution making it possible for the first time now for members to elect a leader through the one man one vote system.

Rowley said he could have easily remained PNM leader until 2017 but he wanted to ensure that under his stewardship there was worthwhile change in the party’s Constitution.

PNM chairman Franklin Khan said at the end of January the party’s rules and regulations with respect to the holding of its election will be made public.

He noted the changes in the Constitution which will not only allow for a one man one vote system, but will also ensure that foreign diaspora can become members of the party, there is no more veto power for the leader in the screening of election candidates and full autonomy for the Tobago PNM council to conduct their affairs.

He said the post of political leader for PNM Tobago has also been created which Tobago House of Assembly (THA) head Orville London will hold.

The PNM elections, he added, will be conducted by an independent council.